How should you arrange your time if you only have a 30-minute dating

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If you're a full-time member of our professional dating site , and you value a reasonable amount of sleep (say, eight hours), plus 30 minutes of recommended exercise a day, you only have a few hours left to yourself. Even less dating time. Especially for the medical professional, their erratic schedule makes them have a little time to date.

On medical dating sites , we do our best to make sure your appointment is worth it, even if it's just half an hour. When time is limited (because it's usually limited), here are some ideas for dating.

The Single Episode Sitcom Date

If curling up and watching a movie is a little too time-intensive for your busy schedule, consider watching an episode of a half-hour TV show instead. Just because a show is only a half hour long doesn’t mean you can’t partake in classic movie night rituals: make popcorn or share a pint of ice cream and snuggle up. For more creative couples, get out some art supplies and collaborate on some fun fan-art to trade after the show is done. Not only will you get to spend some time relaxing with your partner, but you’ll also get to practice drawing Kelsey Grammer (you’re gonna watch Frasier, right?).

The Dog Walk Date

Dogs are great and they tend to bring out the best in people. Why not spend a half hour taking a furry friend for a stroll? Better yet, a dog walk date knocks three items off of your busy to-do list by giving your pup some fresh air, allowing you the chance to get some exercise, and also enabling you to spend some time with your partner. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry. Most animal shelters allow volunteers to walk their dogs which gives you a little extra good karma by making a shelter pup’s day.

The Car Picnic Date

While not quite as romantic as the classic picnic in the park with a red checkered blanket and wicker basket, a car picnic is speedy and has its own charms. Grab some quick take-out or a packed lunch and park somewhere you won’t be bothered. Hanging out in the car also gives you the power of your car stereo to sing-along to the radio—or better yet, collaborate on a playlist. The best part? No bugs… which means that you and your partner won’t have to pretend to be listening to one another when you’re really nervously eying up that giant bee.

The Classic Coffee Date

Going out for a cup of coffee is the classic “quick date” for a reason. It’s a low pressure, casual way to have some face time in a relatively quiet environment. A nice jolt of caffeine can also help stimulate conversation and give you a little pick-me-up on your lunch hour. But be warned: coffee breath is basically a low-grade biological weapon so be sure to bring mints.

The Ice Cream Date

The Ice Cream Date is the king of quick dates because ice cream itself literally disappears if you don’t eat it fast enough—it’s like a sticky, edible time bomb. Assuming you’re not lactose-intolerant, ice cream can also provide interesting insight into the type of person you’re dating. Are they a classic hot-fudge sundae type? Perhaps they’re a rainbow sherbet with caramel sauce and gummy bears type. No matter what your date’s ice cream preferences are, one thing is certain: I am now craving ice cream.

The Library Date

Believe it or not, your local library is a good, quick substitute for a museum date. Aside from libraries being packed wall-to-wall with conversation-sparking books and other media, most libraries have traveling exhibits or local historical artifacts on display. In some cases, the library itself is the attraction with rich histories and beautiful architecture.

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