How to date a cougar online - the best way to meet your ideal woman

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With the popularity of online dating, more and more singles choose to join online dating to find a partner. Different types of dating sites have been created to meet the different needs of people looking for the perfect match. There are engineering dating sites, serious dating sites, gay dating sites, seeking arrangement site, rich people dating sites. Today, our main task is to help men who want to date cougars with some helpful tips.

Many people think that dating a mature woman doesn't require any skills or methods, but it doesn't. No matter who you are dating, calculated actions and definite procedures must be taken to ensure maximum success.

The Main Steps Involved in Online Cougar Dating

Locating and joining a site

There are hundreds of dating sites in the United States, usually in two categories: free trials and paid subscriptions. In general, paid sites have greater success because of the advantages that small fees offer. These might include adding messaging capabilities, eliminating search filters, or even accessing more configuration files. But regardless of your inclination, it's important that you join the highest-rated sites to avoid fraud.

Creating a profile

Having the perfect online dating profile is one of the most important parts of dating the entire site. This is the first step in showing the cougars your strengths and you must make a positive impression on them. To beat other competitors, you have to spend a lot of time and energy creating an attractive and interesting profile. If you don't know what profile will appeal to cougars, there are plenty of writers on the web to help users refine their profiles.

Send unsolicited messages or emails

If your profile can attract the desired recognition, you have a chance to start touching cougars. Almost all dating sites have their chat rooms, paid or free. If a cougar is interested in you, start showing off your charms.

First date signals

She may decide to share her email address or phone number with you, based on your initial conversation. This is a good sign because it shows that not only does she want to be alone with you, but she's ready to meet you. During further discussions, bring up the idea of a first date if the atmosphere is right.

How to Effectively Date a Cougar Online

Now that you've mastered the basics of online dating, once the first touchpoint has been reached, it's time to focus on the action.

Impressive introduction

The worst thing you can do is interact like a teenager or a prostitute. Comments like "you're hot" are not invited or encouraged and immediately make her think you're immature and rude. Focus on why you're contacting her and ask questions using details from her profile. It shows thoughtfulness and intention.

Make sure the message is grammatically correct

Remember that you are talking to a mature woman, not a prostitute. So, don't start flirting with "You are so sexy" or "Love your asses" Trust me, if you talk to her like that, you may never get a response. Also, you end up checking your grammar before you send the message. Don't act like a teenage boy writing a composition full of bugs, which will just make them think you're not looking for a real, serious relationship.


Proofread your messages to eliminate errors and make sure your profile is up to date and looks great. When she receives your message, she may check your profile again to remind herself of your details. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and get her to respond.

Things to avoid

If you send a message to a cougar you're interested in, but don't get a response for a long time. You shouldn't be interrupting her because she's probably busy or she's already dating someone else. Whatever the reason, don't harass someone just because of your personal preference, it will cause her discomfort and resentment.

The first communication is probably the most important because it's her first impression of you. Many men choose to copy and paste and send the same message to every woman they match. This is possible if your profile is compelling, but writing a separate message for each woman guarantees better response rates.

If you want to get a reply immediately after you send it, you need to be patient! Older women are usually busy and focused on their careers, and they don't have time to sit on dating sites all day. Wait at least a few days for a response, and if it takes too long, you may not like online dating. So if you want to successfully date an older woman online, you need more patience.

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