How to date safely during the period of COVID-19?

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Coronavirus has now affected the normal life of people all over the world, people are forced to stay at home, can't go out, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. To date, more than 180,000 people worldwide have been infected with the new virus, so the best way to stop its spread is to stay home and reduce or avoid contact with others. Since the virus can be spread by respiratory droplets, all close contact is undesirable. The news got me wondering: Should the single friends be putting a pause on their dating activities until the COVID-19 crisis is over?

Of course, some experts think it is not necessary to do so, but you should take some necessary measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

1. There are a few things you should do anyway, including washing your hands often, covering your elbows when coughing and avoiding touching your face. When it comes to face-to-face dating, it might be wise to ask your potential partner if they need to postpone the meeting.

2. When you're planning a party, consider avoiding large gatherings. Instead of continuing to attend packed concerts without masks, head to a secluded, quiet bistro and enjoy some alone time.

3. When you meet your dater for the first time, you may want to exchange your usual hugs and kisses with a friendly wave. It's also smart to keep things separate from each other rather than share them to avoid swapping germs.

4. It's especially important to be careful if someone you're dating seems uncomfortable. "If your partner has a fever and a cough, don't kiss, hug or hold hands." "Make sure you wash your hands frequently and don't share food, drinks or toothbrushes." Or you can go home.

If you're not sure your date would mind a face-to-face meeting at such a special time, it's wise to talk to your date first. They can text or call with a friendly, "nice to meet you, but let's not shake hands." Perhaps daters will put their hand over their heart and give their date a no-touch salute. In order to avoid the awkwardness of a first date, it's important to find out what your date's particular needs are.

A month earlier, Paul, a 40-year-old elite engineer and a woman he loved, had been trying to arrange a first date with a woman when he met MillionaireMatch, the millionaire dating service. She always cancels because of work conflicts, he said. Last week, she had to put it off again because the coronavirus was keeping the hospital busy. But he has not given up hope that they will eventually meet.

If you really want to be more cautious, consider staying away from alcoholic beverages and anything sweet. According to WebMD, alcohol and sugar suppress immune system cells that attack bacteria, which may make you more vulnerable to rogue bacteria.

Date went well? Unfortunately, doctors take a hard line on intimacy, hugging, and, of course, sex. This is especially true if one of you is sick. But even if your sexual partner doesn't show any symptoms, they can be a coronavirus carrier -- so now's not the time to take a risk.

That doesn't mean you can't get close to a new friend who you're excited about. There are many other ways to stay close to someone besides exchanging saliva. It doesn't have to be intimate to show that you like your partner.

Intimacy is not just about sex and physical touch, you can make the most of this time to get to know your partner well. For example: "ask each other questions about your hopes, dreams, philosophies, and passions." "Which country would you most like to travel to?" "If you could go back in time, what would you change the most? "And" what shameful things did you do as a child?

Plus: if one or both of you end up isolated, you can ask these questions via text or FaceTime. This is a way to keep your relationship healthy.

Other things to consider, stress is probably the most insulting factor to your immune system. So if you're dating someone who has a crush on you, or hides you, or gives you paper cuts, this is a good time to kick them off the curb. Especially in the age of coronavirus, none of us need additional anxiety.

Finally, in the age of COVID-19, we should do our duty, not to bother the country, the government, family and friends, even strangers is the most important thing to do. Waiting for the day when the epidemic is over, we can start to enjoy the good life again.

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