The 4 Obvious Signs Of Confidence That Women Look For In A Man

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An excellent woman will not consider a man a good potential mate just because of his appearance and wealth. So why are the elite singles starting to dating online? Because they know it, they don't take it for granted that anyone can be a date?

When it comes to finding out if a particular guy is the one, the first thing most women look for is a sign of confidence. More specifically, the 4 unmistakable, magnetic signals that confident men send a woman the moment they meet her.

Of course, a good man doesn't need to display all his qualities to attract that woman, he just needs to let her know, and then you can feel her change.

So, without further delay, here are 4 obvious signs that every great woman looks for in a man:

1. He Has A Sense of Humor

ou could put it down to "no brainer." a sense of humor is the most direct, obvious, and attractive force a woman can use to make a man feel confident.

Humorous men tend to be more attractive. This is not to say that you need to dress in luxury, or that you need to look sophisticated and handsome. A sense of humor is inside a person, not outside.

So check out cutting-edge humor sites like Funny Or Die and The Onion, Or just check out Saturday Nightlife to find out what's trending and interesting today...

2. An "easygoing" attitude

"Easygoing" doesn't mean you need to be humble. When you first meet a good woman, you relax enough to fall asleep. But that doesn't mean you can be rude or even disrespectful.

This means handling other people's opinions, pressures and attitudes with grace and making yourself look comfortable. Even your body language says it... A confident man will "lie back" on his body, leaning back while keeping his body open and facing forward when talking.

A truly confident man doesn't get annoyed when people don't agree with him. Instead, he wants you to speak up. You can discuss it together. He also doesn't want you to always be a listener without your own ideas. You're not a puppet.

Basically, this "easygoing" attitude shows women that men are the leaders in their lives... Everyone else is doing what they can.

3. He is "Put Together"

It's true that a woman will never decide that a man may be "Mr. Right," because he looks like Brad Pitt... But rest assured she will immediately rule him out if he is not "right" "... Take care of yourself enough to participate in basic appearance, positive communication, healthy self-image.

Again, this doesn't mean that a man has to buy fashionable clothes... Wear a "perfume"... Or look like a rat obsessed with the gym.

This does mean that he needs to master the basics of good grooming and hygiene. Because if a man doesn't have enough time to meet his needs, a good woman immediately knows that he can't meet her needs.

By the way, this also means being smart enough to avoid going to extremes in appearance. When I first met a woman, I advised you to dress neutrally and neatly, not in a stuffy "suit" or as a show dog.

Finally: giving the impression that you are "all in one" also conveys a deep sense of confidence. You can have interesting conversations about music, food, culture, etc. Being a good conversationalist is a clear sign that you have everything, that you're in a healthy, curious, confident frame of mind.

4. He is humble

This is a big one...

Like I always say, any "jerk" can act cocky with a woman… but coming across as CONFIDENT requires something else: the ability to control what you say and do so that you never come across as "above" anyone else.

Of course, a truly humble man can be arrogant if you let a woman feel your sense of humor and don't label you as a jerk.

While most men waste their time trying to impress women by being "tough" or "strong," the signs of confidence great women look for are much more subtle and achievable.

By focusing on the four real signs of confidence in the charismatic real man, the kind of woman you want to meet will start to feel like you might be "Mr. Right." If you want to find a rich doctor as your boyfriend, come here!

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