Tips for young guys to date cougars

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It may not be so easy for younger men dating older women. Most cougars are likely to consider the impact of an affair on them, so they like to join cougars dating sites looking for young men to date to keep this discreet relationship from being discovered. The most important reason is that older woman dating sites ensure that their information is not leaked and that they can enjoy extramarital affairs to their heart's content.

So how can young boys improve their chances of dating an older woman? Here are some tips on how to date cougars so you can find the right partner on established dating sites.

Establish what you’re looking for

Before you start looking for a date, the advice almost any online dating expert will give you is, do you know what kind of relationship you're looking for? Serious dating, casual dating, threesome dating or sugar daddy, sugar mommy and sugar baby dating relationship. That's what you need to figure out.

Sex is not everything

Many mature women search for casual relationships on the site are thought to be like sugar daddies looking for sugar babies, just for sex. Mature women want more excitement and fun just as mature men do, which is why they like to date younger men. Of course, apart from sex, they want to find someone to accompany them and share their fun with.

On-time for an appointment.

Once you've decided to start a date, it's best not to cancel unless necessary. Because anyone can look forward to a first date, and if you have multiple cancellations for various reasons, many cougars won't forgive you. If she cancels dates often, feels frustrated, and doesn't feel welcome, she's expected to cheat.

Put her first

Older women have a wealth of life and romantic experience. Therefore, if you are sure that you are using her as an emotional crutch 24 hours a day, she will feel dissatisfied and dissatisfied. Put her needs before yours and make sure she'll be happy with them.

No cheesy chat up lines

No matter how old you are, don't talk to cougars with your lines about girls your age. Instead of thinking you're a great girl pleaser, they think you're naive. They will see through all your little tricks.

What do older women want in guys?


Old-fashioned though it is, it may be a priority. Science has shown that sexual desire naturally increases in women over 50, while it usually declines in older men. So cougars need a healthy, durable male to meet their physical needs, and a sexy young male to meet those criteria, preferably a 30-year-old.

Greater foreplay

Women want perfect sex to start with long foreplay. Both women and men want to get the most out of sex, so foreplay is an important part of women. If she often doesn't get that pleasure from your sex, she might find another man.

No strings attached

Dating a cougar is like dating your sugar mommy. As a successful woman, she doesn't have much free time to flirt with you on chat apps, let alone talk to you on the phone for more than 20 minutes. They don't want to make any commitment and prefer a No Strings Attached relationship.


You may be confused. If mature women want mature men, why not settle down with older men? The truth is that the negative effects associated with older men far outweigh the benefits of maturity. Many stylish cougars crave greater youth and health but have no time for immature boys with no drive, ambition or personality.

How to date a cougar?

You need to know more tips and advice on how to date a cougar. A mature woman won't guess what you want or need. Tell her what you want, whether it's money or sex. Your honesty will impress her even more.

Be confident and she'll notice.No sexy, elegant old lady wants to be with a nerd. Find her hobbies and interests and plan a date around them. A little effort can go a long way, and if you show interest in your dating plans, she will be easily controlled by you!

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