Top 5 great places to meet Elite Single Women

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If you find yourself becoming more and more arrogant, independent and lonely, which stands for you've been single for too long and need to meet new people to change this situation. As you show up at yet another party populated exclusively with “Smug Marrieds”, your chances of meeting someone within your little social circle can start to feel downright abysmal.

But the good news is that not true! In fact, there are many single people out there who are looking for a significant other -- the secret is knowing what they are looking for.

You may have to venture out of your comfort zone to find someone suitable for a date. It's worth noting that joining a professional dating site to find a female single on the medical group.

Remember, when men and women go out on their own, they tend not to be attracted to the same places, so you may have to venture out of your comfort zone to find someone suitable for a date.

1. Adult education courses

Midlife women seem to enjoy attending all kinds of classes. Especially if it's a college extension or community center course on writing, cooking, painting, ceramics, or anything else that sounds appealing, you can be sure that most of the people in the course are women -- some, naturally, are single. Remember, you may not have met the person of your dreams in that class, but it's a good place to meet elite single women and practice your conversational skills. Remember, single women also tend to have a lot of single women friends.

2. Bookstore and library activities

Author readings and book signings usually attract large Numbers of female readers. Check your local library and book retailer's events online, especially for readings or discussions that interest you. Your chances are better if you've read a book by the author and are prepared to start a conversation with someone who interests you about how you like his or her work.M

3. Church events and spiritual gatherings

If you’re so inclined, check out your local church, synagogue, or meditation center. There, you’re sure to find the male/female ratio is tipped slightly in your favor (according to a White House Project Report called “Benchmarking Women’s Leadership” published in November 2009, women account for over 60 percent of churchgoers). In addition, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher and sociologist Philip Schwadel published a study in April 2010 issue of the journal, Sociology of Religion, showing that women attend an average of six more religious services annually compared to their male counterparts. Plus, if you’re interested in spiritual matters, you’ll increase your odds of meeting someone who shares your values by getting involved at your preferred house of worship.

4. At your married friends’ homes

Every married woman I know has a handful of amazing single friends looking to meet a great guy. It might take a bit of gumption, but put aside your pride and mention to your friends’ wives that you’re single and looking; you might be surprised how eager they are to do some freelance matchmaking on your behalf. Also, make an effort to attend friends’ parties, barbeques, and more casual gatherings. It may sometimes feel like the same routine starring the same old crowd, but you never know when someone new might show up.

5. Community and school organizations

If you’re a parent, you could meet women (yes, some of them will be single) through the school PTA, while chaperoning field trips, by volunteering with your kids’ sports teams or participating in other after-school programs. Otherwise, consider volunteering with a community-based organization, such as your neighborhood association or a local environmental group.

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