How to make your boyfriend aware that he might lose you?

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Love can sometimes confuse both partners. At the start of almost every relationship, everything is romantic, fresh and passionate. But as time goes by, romance, novelty, and enthusiasm are all in vain. It is important to note that this is not because couples no longer love each other in their partners or have lost all benefits, but because they have grown up thinking that they are no longer peers with the same needs. This is especially true for busy professional, like doctors. If you date a doctor in residency, he won't have much time to spend with you, and over time, you and he will shrink the origin passion.

Women tend to get suspicious and doubtful easily and in no time. Women are very possessive about their partners. However, men don't understand this, or they do, but there is no stability and they end up losing a better partner. In this case, no one should be blamed because no one is at fault. It's the lack of communication, understanding, the change in behavior, undervalued or underappreciated, acceptance of new things and possibilities that creates such a chaos.

So considering this entire situation from a female’s point of view, here comes a few tips on how to make your boyfriend aware that he might lose you!

  • As pointed earlier, jealousy can help women getting her man back. A man would never want to see her women with any other guy, especially if she is happy and comfortable with the later. This is when jealousy creeps in and he regrets of all those times when he had ignored you and deprived you of the love which you deserved. So make your guy as much jealous as possible, but of course to a level and in a fun way!
  • Another good way to do that is to make yourself unavailable at times when he needs you the most. It might be difficult at times but that’s the best remedy for their unwanted treatment. Say no to them as many times as possible and pretend as if you have something more important to concentrate upon. This will make him curious.
  • If a man can change his attitude towards you, then why can’t you do the same? This is fun yet an amazing way of bringing him back to you! Suppose that earlier, your man always greeted you with love, gifts, surprises, and respect every time you went to see him but now that he has stopped doing the same, you feel depressed and sad. So what you can do in return is that, stop doing something, which you have always been doing, that impressed and made him happy. And instead, do the same with someone he envies so that gets jealous and realize what all he is losing.
  • Stop texting and receiving his calls and texts instantly. Try being a stone-hearted person for a few days and be this cruel to him. This again would make him jealous and curious as well! These along with a few more points can make any man fall back for you and realize where he is going wrong and that he might end up losing you!
  • These are just one of the main reasons why some doctors love extramarital affairs, not all the rich men or millionaires. While an affair may seem like a short-term fix, the wisest thing to do is to find a way to mend your marriage and start a new relationship.

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