Should a doctor date an engineer?

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You are wondering whether a doctor would want to date an engineer. People go on a date for several reasons. People fall in love for several reasons. Are you a male (engineer) wanting to date a female (doctor) or is it the other way round. I guess the question you want to ask is whether a person with a low income would want to date a person with a higher income.

The average salary of a doctor in America is $160,000 a year while the average salary of an engineer is $60,000. Doctors have some deductions. The average doctor and engineer all belong the upper middle class of the United States.

Starting salary of some engineering fields is $40,000 a year but some engineers earn more than $100,000 a year. It all depends on the reputation and the number of years of education. An engineer with an MBA or Doctor of Business Administration degree would definitely earn much much more. You may find a number of engineers in the upper class earning well over $500,000.

So sure an engineer can date a medical doctor.. Salary is just one of the factors people look out for when wanting to date. There are many other factors.

I would like to give a couple of things which might add a different perspective to this answer. I am an engineer working as a consultant. I am in love with a girl who is going to be a doctor soon.

Doctors are people too. They love people, get hurt/ditched. It is the same with engineers. On a basic level, it is not finances, social status, vehicles etc that matter. Sometimes it is just the casual chats, the planning of day to day stuff, sharing opinions and other things. Honestly, I sometimes cannot believe how could she love me? I was intimidated. But well there is no harm in taking a chance. Ask out. In my case, it worked out. Be hopeful. Keep trying to make yourself a better person. Follow your dreams, and make their dreams yours too.

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